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Pooch Play Group Etiquette

1. Please make sure that your dog's vaccinations are current. Canine Distemper and Rabies are mandatory, but we strongly suggest flea prevention and the Bordatella vaccination. Bordatella is a highly contagious virus that is easily treated by antibiotics, but can be prevented by an annual vaccination.

2. No aggression will be tolerated. All dogs must be human and dog friendly.

3. We encourage all humans, especially children, to remain seated during the play sessions. We can be easily injured by running pooches!

4. Owners must be present during the play group. We need you to closely supervise your dog to discourage them from mounting or herding other dogs. Potty breaks are also necessary at times!

5. No toys, treats or water bowls will be permitted on the play group floor, this is to avoid any scuffles.

6. All owners must clean up after their dogs inside and outside of the building. Baggies and cleaning solutions will be provided for your convenience. Don't forget to be a responsible and courteous dog owner.

7. Dogs must be leash walked into and out of the building. **Please be aware of other agility and/or obedience students, try to keep walkways clear.**

8. Fees must be paid before entering the play group floor.

9. Please take off any doggie "accessories" (e.g. Bandannas), this will avoid damage to them.

10. Have fun, sit back and relax!

We reserve the right to:

~Terminate any dog's access to the group for aggression of any kind.
~Intervene in any cases of aggression using shake cans, BitterApple, Direct Stop, and/or physical separation.

Please no females in heat!